2023 Penguicon Writer’s Block Bookstore Application is Live!

Hello Authors of Penguicon!

It’s that time to seek out willing Authors who want to participate in the 2023 Writer’s Block.

2023 Writer’s Block

The Writers’ Block is a convention hosted bookstore devoted to the promotion and sale of books by our Guests of Honor, Featured Guests, and attending authors.  Authors will Staff the Writer’s Block in 50 minute shifts to be on hand to help readers find just the right book. Authors must take on 2 shifts, at minimum; in order to have their books in our Bookstore. 


The 2023 Writer’s Block will be located in 317 Hospitality Suite. The suite will be set up on one side with soft furnishings to allow for a cozy bookstore experience, and on the other side, a long table and additional tables which will display the books for sale. It’s an official, cozy Penguicon Bookstore! Authors and literary fans are encouraged to hang out; the room will serve as a gathering spot for lovers of words and fans of Penguicon’s participating authors. 


For 2023 we’re taking a new approach to the Writer’s Block. 

This year we’re having Authors prepare a QR code, printed on paper, for each Title they have in the book store.  Then “customers” can scan the QR code, pay via PayPal – directly to the author, and show that payment receipt to the Author on Duty to pick up the book they just purchased. 



  • The Goal: A customer sees a book they want to purchase, they scan the QR code, which opens to your PayPal/Venmo invoice for that Book Title. The customer completes payment, receives a receipt, and then shows that receipt to the on duty bookstore person to receive the book itself. 
  • Authors may bring as many copies of their book(s) to sell as they choose.
  • Authors must create their own QR code for each book Title. The QR code should link directly to the authors PayPal/Venmo account for that Book Title. 
  • Here is a link to help set up PayPal QR codes. 
  • Here is a link to help you set up Venmo QR codes. 
  • Authors MUST create a separate QR code on an 8.5.11″ sized paper for each book. 
  • The QR code should be linked to the Author’s own PayPal, Venmo, etc. 
  • Taxes and Fees are the responsibility of the Author. 
  • Cash Payments will not be accepted. – Caveat, if you are on duty and someone wants to pay you in cash for YOUR BOOK, you have the right to make such a sale. No One may accept cash for another author’s books. 

Why have we changed how payment for books is accepted? 

  • In order to ensure each Author is paid promptly and securely. 
  • To foster an easy experience for those working the bookstore. They will only need to check for receipts, and hand over Books purchased. 
  • To ensure your money gets to you!


What Penguicon Provides to the Writer’s Block Bookstore: 

  • Dedicated, secure location in the Westin. This year that’s Hospitality Suite 317. 
  • Book Stands used to stand Books neatly on display
  • Curation of the Author Staff Schedule, built from applying authors, around their already in place Penguicon Schedule for presentations. 
  • Places within the Bookstore to allow for swag, promotional materials to also be displayed. 

Writer’s Block Hours: 

  • Friday from 5pm to 8pm
  • Saturday from 10am to 6pm
  • Sunday from 10am to 1pm
  • Load-in:  3pm -4pm Friday
  • Load-out: 1-3pm Sunday


Author Readings and Q&A Session Option: 

  • Authors may elect on this application to sign up for an Author Reading and Q&A session. (Programming space and time permitted.) 
  • If you elect to participate in an Author Reading, you will be scheduled according to your availability AFTER your Presentation Schedule and Writer’s Block Bookstore Schedule are taken into consideration. 
  • Applications for Author Readings will be taken on a first come, first serve basis and you are NOT required to do an Author Reading in order to be in our Writer’s Block Book Store. 

Penguicon will NOT ship leftover inventory to authors:  any books left in the Writers’ Block after the event closes on Sunday will be considered abandoned and be donated to the convention.


So what do we need from you?


If you’d like to participate, please fill out the form!

Deadline: April 15, 2023 Midnight ET. We’re excited to work with you, and happy to answer any questions you might have! 


Questions? Email: programops@penguicon.org