Hotel Room Block Heads Up!

Heads up, Pengui-Community!

Apparently the room block booking link is now closed (or throwing an error!).

I don’t know why this is happening, however if you need to book a room for Penguicon here is the process now:

1) Go to…/dtwwi-the…/overview/… And reserve your room at the Westin Southfield Detroit for the Friday and Saturday of Penguicon.

2) Once you receive your confirmation number, email me immediately at: With the Legal Name if the Reservation, The Dates of Reservation, and your reservation confirmation number.
3) Lithie will email the Westin and get your room shifted to the Penguicon Discounted Room Block Rate.

I apologize for the early cut-off. I don’t know why it happened, but I thank the members of the community for alerting me.

Thanks Pengui-Community, You ROCK!!!

Lithie Dubois – she/her
Hotel Liaison 2023