Penguicon wants to make sure that our convention is an awesome and accessible for all.  In order to ensure an accessible convention, we have created an Accessibility Department. If at any time you have anything you wish to discuss, contribute, or inquire about regarding accessibility at Penguicon, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Penguicon Accessibility During Meetings

Penguicon strives to create an accessible environment for our community. To this end, all meetings will have a virtual component (currently Zoom) to allow access to more community members. While we are constantly striving to remove barriers to participation, we may not be able to remove all barriers. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility during meetings, please contact [email protected] with your concern. We are always looking for feedback.

Pre-meeting set-up

Please make sure that all documents, website links, or other information is provided to Accessibility before the meeting so that it can be made available for virtual participants.
Review to determine if closed captioning is available for the virtual meeting. (Note: test to see if Zoom offers CC)
Publish the meeting date/time in advance. The meeting link should be made available in advance of the meeting time (at least 30 minutes) to allow participants time to update their software if needed.

During the meeting

Only one person speaking at a time.
When introducing yourself as a staff member, state your name and your position.
When you begin speaking, please start with your Penguicon Department. For example: “As Accessibility head, I think that…”
Use the raise hand function of Zoom to let the meeting host know that you would like to speak.

Mental and Emotional accommodations:

  • Although Penguicon makes accommodations to address attendees’ mental and emotional health, we strongly recommend that each attendee attend to their own mental and emotional health over the course of Penguicon.



  • This Accessibility document was assembled using the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America’s Accessibility Checklist for SFWA spaces and Penguicon’s Accessibility policy in order to better acquaint you with Penguicon’s hotel and event. We acknowledge it is not exhaustive nor perfect, and does not cover every accessibility need. We are open to any input you may have.