Penguicon memberships are now on sale!


Please read our COVID Policy and COVID FAQ before you purchase. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Badge Pricing

Weekend badges are $85. Due to increased hotel costs for 2023, we have kept the price of a regular weekend badge the same in 2023.

All people ages 12+ up are required to purchase membership at the general membership rate of $85.00.

Children 11 and under may be registered with a badge which will cost their accompanying adult nothing. We STRONGLY encourage that parent(s) guardian(s) write their personal contact info on the back of your child’s badge for safety.

Question: Can I purchase a membership badge after the March 31st Pre-Reg deadline?

Answer: Yes you can! There are two ways to purchase a membership badge after the March 31st deadline:

A) You can purchase your membership At-The-Door when you arrive.

B) You can use Eventbrite to purchase your membership badge after March 31st – but, you will not receive a pre-printed badge, you will instead receive a blank membership badge and have to write your name on it. Don’t worry, we have sharpies ­čÖé

Join our Staff and pay $55 (Conchair approval required for staff discount).  Concom/Staff application  here.

Accepted Presenters will qualify for the discounted Presenter Rate ($55). Please check the Programming Page for more information on submitting your presentation.

Information regarding badges for  Maker Market will be available soon!

You can purchase your pre-registration from Eventbrite.