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Hello Hello Penguicon Community!

As we all get ready to attend Penguicon this weekend, there are a few things we wanted you to know!

2023 marks the year that every member of Penguicon is becoming a Pengui-Ambassador. This year we will be sharing the Westin Southfield Detroit with non-Penguicon guests. What does this mean for you? We’re asking every member to be a kind, inclusive ambassador of Penguicon when interacting with the Westin Guests. Let’s be kind, caring and helpful to our Westin Neighbors this weekend!

Signage should not be posted in any elevator, on any guest room floors (3 and above), nor anywhere from the Main Entrance Doors, down towards the Westin Front Desk. feel free to post your signs, with blue painters tape, anywhere down near the Algonquin lobby area! (That is our space!)

Our Gender Neutral Restrooms will be located on the 1st floor of the Westin near the Algonquin Ballrooms. The 2nd floor restrooms will be gender specific. Be sure to inform your friends so they are able to discern which restroom is the best for them!

Let’s talk breakfast buffet vouchers! This year Penguicon is subsidizing the breakfast buffet for registered members. When you receive your membership badge, you will also receive 2 Breakfast Buffet Vouchers. These vouchers, if presented to the wait staff of Tango’s Restaurant will allow you to eat from the Breakfast Buffet for only $5.00. Vouchers will be honored for the breakfast buffet from 7:00am – 11:00am on both Saturday and Sunday morning. Bring your voucher, and your membership badge to Tango’s Restaurant and eat up before you begin your busy day.

Our 2023 Digital Souvenir Book is now available! Visit this LINK and download the PDF file of the Souvenir book now!

When you pack to come to Penguicon make sure you bring your Masks, your COVID-19 vaccination card or negative COVID-19 Test taken no earlier than 72 hours before your arrival. You can review our COVID-19 Policies HERE.We’d also like to remind you to bring, either by phone/mobile device or by printing it out at home; your Eventbrite receipt. Can’t find your receipt? Email: [email protected] for help!

Last but not least, we wish you happy, easy packing and travel as you journey to come home to Penguicon 2023!

We’ll all be together once more, soon.

Until Penguicon,
Lithie Dubois – she/her
Program Ops and Hotel Liaison 2023