Oct 15 Post ConCom Wrap Up

Dear Penguicon Community,

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, we had a very productive ConCom meeting.

We opened with introductions of those who attended. We then updated the team on this year’s COVID and Code of conduct updates. The updates can be found on our website here. We will be continuing to monitor the status and will update any changes. We also discussed the need to get more staff. Here is the form for staff applications: https://forms.gle/iFS3RbkQWN5FFtTe8. Then we had a brief discussion about the budget and what impact it will have on the planning process. We covered Discord as it is the other “ official” place for discussions and our Discord team will be doing a revamp to hopefully make it a “funner” place to be. Reminder to all that any Official requests must be sent to @penguicon.org emails. This helps us stay on task and helps future Penguicon convention committees. Next we discussed this year’s art and theme. Penguicon is turning 21 this year and our theme is Elemental- Back to basics ( working title).

Then we broke off for departmental updates. Several people have been busy. Our Registration team just finished off some finer details with the board and we hope to push the registration opening soon along with having our website updated with current information. The website is where you should always look before asking questions on the Socials, in fact, often it is more efficient to email me directly Conchair23@penguicon.org. Programming this year will be working closely with program ops as we have found how important it is for our on-site support to be involved in the making of the donuts. Again be on the lookout in the next few weeks for the submissions form to go live!. This year’s programming will be more juried than previous years due to the limited space ( especially on the AV side). The team plans to bring us your best and brightest panels. They are hoping to have a mix of old and new panels. This mix is what makes Penguicon programming so wonderful.

On the hotel front, the board is still working on finalizing all the little details and we will update you all once we can book our rooms! On the Talent front, we do have 1 confirmed GOH and will be making a separate announcement later. We are still on the lookout for more amazing people. Please complete the form with your suggestions: https://forms.gle/i54j9XRryzoghhQ1A. Our Makers are not to be forgotten. This is another application to keep on the watch for. We are ironing out a few details but are anxious to see what amazing things we will have.

As always, we are working to bring the very best Penguicon to you!

Dave “Ska” Green

2023 Cochair