Letter From the ConChair January 12, 2023

Dear Penguicon Community, Happy New Year!

This past Saturday, January 7, 2023, we had a Con Com meeting. Many of us have been hard at work behind the scenes working on the convention.

One of the first things I want to get out there is (as many have seen) we are back at the Westin Southfield-Detroit! They are so glad to have us back, and fortunately, many of the staff there that we have come to appreciate are looking forward to Penguicon! The hotel booking link is here! https://www.marriott.com/event-reservations/reservation-link.mi?id=1669936365152&key=GRP&app=resvlink Please be sure to book your hotel through this link as 1) it ensures we meet our contractual obligations with the hotel room block, important for future conventions, and 2) as a group, if something goes awry in the world and we have to reschedule, we are all together in their system. If you book individually without using our hotel room block, not only will this hurt Penguicon, but it may be very hard to reschedule or cancel should something come up. Please, use our link. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Next up many of you eagle-eyed makers may have noticed in our Public agenda preview that our Maker Market form is live!!!! https://forms.gle/bCrLZYxf9TnhXEb16We look forward to seeing what wondrous things will be brought this year for our community to peruse!

A while ago we opened up Registration at https://penguicon2023.eventbrite.com/ and they continue to trickle in. I urge as many of you that may to please register now. This year’s budget is heavily tied to the money that we bring in. We want to bring you an amazing convention, but that has costs, and we are still, like many conventions and organizations, recovering from the more than two-year impact that COVID-19 has had.

We also know with the announcement of Guest of Honor ERIC CHOI that many are excited to submit programming or other GoH ideas. The GoH form is still live but as the time to the convention dwindles, so does the chance to get your favorite people here. Let your voice be heard!

The Programming forms are ready! Please submit panels you want to present yourself on the Programming Submission Form (https://forms.gle/JcdipP3jpLrJUptQ9) . If there’s a panel you want to see at the convention but do not want to present yourself, please use the Programming Wish List. (https://forms.gle/pMTRX5z2zvuGSsyQ6)

Also many have seen that the Discord team has updated the Discord to improve accessibility and help as our online activity grows as Penguicon 2023 approaches 🙂 Check it out at https://discord.gg/v8GMuXukCr ! Yours truly SKA Chair 2023


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