Programming Submissions & Hotel Block Close Soon!

We are starting to hit some deadlines as we speed toward Penguicon 2023! Can you believe it’s less than six weeks away?? Here is what to put on your to-do list:

  1. Submit programming! Submissions close on March 17.
  2. Book a hotel room – The hotel block closes on April 1. PLEASE use our Hotel Block to make reservations:
  3. Register – the sooner the better so we can plan and prepare.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Key dates:

  • 2023-03-18 – Con Com Meeting – at The Westin Southfield-Detroit+Zoom ( email [email protected] for information about attending in person )
  • 2023-03-25 – PROGRAMMING APPROVALS (tentative date)
  • 2023-04-01 – Hotel Block / Penguicon discounted reservations close
  • 2023-04-08 – Con Com Meeting – at The Westin Southfield-Detroit+Zoom – Hotel walkthrough for Con Com
  • 2023-04-21 through 2023-04-23 – PENGUICON 2023!!!

Check out Penguicon on Discord at !

Also, the Penguicon Board is looking for new Board Members and a Penguicon Con Chair for 2024.

Penguicon Board application:

Penguicon Con Chair (2024) application: