The 2023 Penguicon Programming Schedule

Hello Hello Penguicon Fam! Surprise! It’s Programming Schedule Time!!!! 


Want to see the 2023 Schedule? You Can NOW! 


We are using Sched to publish our programming schedule. We are still working to tweak and adjust and add things. So bear with us as changes may occur between now and Penguicon. 


You can view the schedule on, on our website, and via the Sched App which you can download via The App Store or Google Play Store.  [Download the Sched App, then login and search for Penguicon 2023.]


Don’t know a lot about and how to use it? Well, you can manage your profile and account by visiting this Guide. 


Here is a handy guide on how you can personalize your profile on Sched.  


You can also do a Web Tour of here. If you’d like a Sched App Tour, you can visit here. 


We want to thank the ConCom and Staff for their countless hours of planning work. We’d love to thank our Penguicon 2023 Presenters and Guests of Honor, and most importantly we want to thank YOU for being a part of the process that creates each year’s Penguicon.

This year, not only can you view our schedule on Sched, but if you click the “TICKETS” link in the navigation menu, you can even purchase your membership badge! 


So book that Hotel Room. Pre-Register for Penguicon, and create your account! 


Soon, Penguicon Community, soon we’ll all be home at Penguicon!

Team program Ops:

Head of Program Ops: Lithie Dubois – she/her
Asst. Head of Program Ops: Pete Cerra – he/him